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Feng Shui Turtle How to select Turtle and Where to place Turtle Best material for Turtle in Feng Shui

Feng Shui Family Turtle
Which is the best material for feng shui turtles, where to place turtles for best results, as  turtles are one of the most beneficial feng shui cures and also effective placement tips for turtles always help to get good results.
In feng shui turtles are used to attract luck in many ways. the golden silver colored metal turtle very often seen in shops and showrooms is the best feng shui cure for attracting good business and money wealth luck. Placed near the entrance facing the door attracts good luck and prosperity. Feng shui masters advice  never face turtles facing inwards as they are considered to be slow , so this may lead to slowing in incoming wealth. As you place  the feng shui turtle face outwards they help to reduce feng shui expenses, that is slows expenses in other terms helps to save money and thus increase wealth.
Ceramic turtles are also very attractive and can be placed in north for career luck. On the body they have  Metal turtles are believed to increase life as turtles live for many years. Also believed to improve insight and intuition energy as they are slow and intelligent creatures, which is very essential for running any business successfully with lots of profits.
The hexagon shapes back is very auspicious as this shape represents the feng shui ba gua shape, eight sided best shape for attracting good luck and prosperity.
According to feng shui masters it is advisable to place turtles in a plate or bowl of water for best feng shui energy, as turtles live in water.  Nowadays we see feng shui cures turtles as crystal turtles, rose quartz turtles, jade stone green turtles and wood turtles along with metal turtles and ceramic ones.
Family turtle brings in family luck for the home owner and they can fulfill their responsibility towards their family in great manner. Representing two small turtles on the back of a large turtle is of great feng shui family luck. There are also available feng shui  turtles that have many small turtles on the back of a single big turtle.
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  1. Hi Rizwana, thank you for the great post. I wish to make a walkway to the front of my home, with turtle pattern along the sides of the walkway. According to your post, the turtle should face away from the front entrance. Would that apply to the walkway leading up to the front door as well. Thank you for your time!

    1. Hi Preethy, turtle patterns, eight sided geometric shape or real turtles shape? If it is shape any direction will do.If there are turtles, keep a check on the number,must be even for the whole pathway. Facing towards door and not away. Prefer curved pathways, not straight lines. Hope this helps!


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