Monday, April 30, 2012

Feng Shui Guidelines for Selecting Artists Studio Apartment

For an artist their studio is their haven! Great pieces of discovery and new art is made here and feng shuing your artist apartment will not only make your studio liveable but also promote good creativity and bring prosperity and good business opportunities towards you. Being an artist myself the study and deep search for great feng shui tips after reading material from everywhere I could lay may hand on I have come up with few simple guidelines for artists for their studio apartments.
Around the west people often stay in rented or own studio apartments that have only a single room or one room and a  half along with attached washroom facilities or maybe common bathroom facilities. Artists may not be able to afford an studio apartment in the beginning of their art career and many also opt for a rented apartment. If you are considering for a rented apartment for your studio for living cum working purposes follow certain feng shui simple rules.
As you enter the building feel the path, by this I mean look around and concentrate on your feelings, how is the entrance of your building, locality and surroundings. This will affect your career in unknowing manner. See the plants whether they are growing healthy or barren, dried surroundings as this is bad feng shui for an entrance and will only bring ill luck for the inmates according to feng shui along with making your mood depressed as you enter and leave daily.
The stairway and the lift , what vibes do you get, is it welcoming or dirty and out of order, which will again affect your personal as well as professional life. Imagine you are in a hurry for a meeting and the lift is out of order or you are hell tired and just want to jump to bed and you have to take the stairs! All these experiences will create bad chi which so not good for you and I doubt whether your career will take a positive move!.
Contact the neighbours (very very important)Think about everyday when you return tired in anticipation of a good nights sleep and you are disturbed by loud music and noises! Or you are painting a great spiritual piece in meditation and you are disturbed with blaring music from your next door restaurant or neighbours teenaged children. Here I know all artists will agree with me, though I know a few who can paint great with only music playing on!. You as an creative person will need some quiet and calm along with a good locality where there are galleries and art dealers nearby for keeping professional contacts.
As you enter your studio apartment how are the vibes? Now if you are going to work here or also stay here will effect how you furnish your artists studio. So think accordingly. Water facilities, sunlight, privacy and ventilation all are important aspects from feng shui point of view for selecting a good artist studio apartment. Keep small plants to act as energy up lifters in this small studio enclosure. Finally keep all the clutter free and all your work related tools and materials organized. This does not mean your artist studio is clean, spik and span, which according to f eng shui is good for your home where you need to relax, but here in your artist studio you need to get your creativity level high so keep things that will boost your creativity and encourage you to make good art. Focus on the north and north east for good career. The south and south east for fame and money and the west direction for creativity.
See that the artist studio you see fulfils all your professional and personal needs and select such an artist studio which will not only promote good health, but also bring along good friends as well as promote your career and prosperity. Artists studio is the place where you produce good art, and another important aspect is that art has to sell for your sustenance. Feng shui helps to improve the chi of any area and also bring along good luck and prosperity. For good feng shui think what it is all about..wind and water and of course sunlight, but all in balance, this would be the ideal place having best feng shui energy. Even if you are staying in a rented apartment studio or are not satisfied with the progress in your career or personal life you can use simple feng shui cures to solve these areas and attract luck in any field.
All the Best!  

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Comments and Art Critiques in our Lives - by Rizwana Mundewadi

Artists are a crazy lot, really I used to feel bad at first but I have accepted that we are a bundle of jangled nerves, eccentric, moody, gushing with energy, confused, aloof, social or loners but whatever the attributes I give to our identity we are a lot of happy souls!
As we create, that which was not existing before the brush loaded with paints splashes over our canvas, and we make great art. Critiques play a very important role in our lives. We are always in our own world and especially me, I am going all the way headstrong doing paintings without being affected by any one or any where. I do not know whether this is the right path I am following, my dreams, my emotions and my thoughts in this spiritual journey of discovery of my identity. I have never bothered to be affected by any body’s view point and do not understand whether this will affect my career in long term. Listening to my spirit guides is enough for me as I get the right guidance for the path to be followed, and well I am not complaining as the journey so far has been adventurous, challenging as well as nourishing to my body and soul.
In my early years there were tears, depression, sadness, mental blocks and frustration of not making beautiful art. Now I have understood that art is art, just art, let it be! I am as I am and I paint what I feel like. I like my healing art and believe in my symbols and the rest of the world can be of their opinion as they wish. The frustrated souls, the sick bodies all will be attracted to the healing emitted and I wish to heal the mother earth on this spiritual journey. Yes I have heard people doubt the power of symbols, the works have been commented as childish sometimes, the paintings have been termed as past time works and so on and so forhte, but you get over this gradually over the years and as the years pass you become more and more confident about your art and your style and as this happens the rest of the world begins to notice.
Though I do not say that critiques are not an important part of our lives, as they make us grow, not only as artists,  but also as good artists and human beings. There is no right or wrong in art and no ugly or beautiful, all art is great and all works are beautiful babies, a part of every artist’s soul. The passion and the desire to make art is only fired up by any new comments and critique statements. So just continue making art , and do not get carried away by critique comments be it good or bad as every one has a right to their opinion, and happy journey to all artists around the globe,  I wish just in case we meet we meet for art!
I wish to make simple, colourful, understandable art. Portfolio
All the Best!  

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Simple Feng Shui Tips for Your Bedroom for Love and Romance

Feng shui is very effective to promote love and romance into your life and family. As feng shui is all about balance we first consider the requirements that the room provides for our self. A good feng shuid bedroom must help one to relax and create positive feelings and also encourage passion and love between the couple.
Your sleeping position must be in your feng shui commanding position so that you are relaxed and can see the door of your bedroom. This will help you to relax well as you know when anyone enters your private space.
Do not face the door or toilet when sleeping and also keep the doors of toilet tightly shut when not in use to avoid flushing of your energy and wealth. It is very easy for anyone to be misled by hanging feng shui paintings for love and romance in bedroom. Available paintings online may refer to erotic and vulgar paintings depicting sex and passion as feng shui art works for bedroom and as many people do not know about feng shui science they may feel this will help in their relationships.  Well such paintings are only good for bachelors and single people as well educated and married people prefer simple love symbolic paintings. While displaying artworks in your bedroom for love select feng shui paintings that depict couples or pairs of birds, flowers, fruits, candles; the rule in feng shui paintings for love is to have anything in pair.
Try to avoid having objects, furniture or paintings that will make you uncomfortable or uneasy. The main feng shui rule for bedroom is that your bedroom is a place for relaxation after a days work and you need to replenish your energy with a good nights sleep or after noon nap. Even objects that are  single like a single vase or one table is not good. Always have two side tables for both the partners. Prefer to have two of anything so that you give the message to your brain that the bedroom is made for two people.  This is also an important feng shui tip for people who are single and wish to get married soon. Two pillows, two lamps and two paintings or a feng shui painting depicting two vases or pots is considered very auspicious. Feng shui paintings of birds in pairs and flowers in pairs are also considered very auspicious to attract love and romance.
Your bedroom is the most important place for both of you and it must have things and furniture that you feel comfortable with. The things that you see and observe or smell will affect your relationships and feng shui for love sure works! if you observe paintings of single tree or dry landscape then your mood will also be affected with this and you will begin to feel lonely and depressed. Try to avoid any water features or paintings having water as this creates confusion. Also avoid real plants even if your south or south eats or your best prosperity corner falls in your bedroom. Instead have a feng shui paintings displayed here that will symbolically represent plants, wood or water element in your feng shui bedroom.
All the Best!  

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Feng Shui Furniture and Decor Style Tips

Furniture displayed in your home indicates your personal choices and preferences. It represents your identity and the home owners nature and personality. Feng shui style furniture or keeping in mind certain feng shui rules while selecting furniture will help you to increase the ambience of your home and welcome good health and prosperity.
Feng shui applied in any place welcomes positive energy which in turn promotes well being and wealth coming into your home. I would like to mention feng shui furniture in three basic terms, simple, graceful and elegant. Any furniture piece has to have simple cuts and the basic model has to be practical and useful. In feng shui we encourage furniture that is useful and convenient. Any furniture piece displayed in your living room or any room of your home or office has to serve its purpose. Furniture lying idle , just for decorative purposes is not good as this will accumulate negative chi and disturb the environment. Furniture has to have simple cuts and design and avoid sharp corners or edges. We also prefer round or oval pieces as compared to furniture having sharp edges. Even rectangular or square tables or beds can have rounded corners to avoid poison arrows emmitted from them.
Select furniture with soft colours and in feng shui we prefer to have all furniture with few colours. Especially the Chinese and Japanes style furniture is made of red, black and embellished or decoarted with gold. These colours are symbolic and represent growth, good health and prosperity. I like the Chinese red tables that are painted with dragons or carved with dragon figures in red and gold. Many times my feng shui paintings have these colours in feng shui paintings used as cures. These furniture pieces are very attractive and sufficient to enliven any environment.
In feng shui when we select furniture the basic rule is less is more. Minimalistic furniture, clean designs and attractive feng shui symbolic paintings all increase the feng shui energy of your home and welcome prosperity and grace.

Placement of furniture according to feng shui principles is very important to balance the energy fields of your home or office. Consider the five elements when selecting furniture for your home and bring home good wealth luck. So have wooden furniture for the east and the south east to activate the small wood and big wood area of your home. This will activate wealth and prosperity corner of your home and bring about good money flow and career growth in your life in terms of successful financial deals and increased income. Whereas for the north have rounded furniture with metal element or have a water feature to encourage career and wealth luck.
All the Best!  

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Cooking Food in Commanding Position and Feng Shui

Food is considered very important in feng shui as we nourish our body with eating and this energy is transferred to our life. The way we look, the way we feel and the way we work all depends upon how healthy we eat and how the food is prepared.
I am not here to present good points of oven or micro wave cooking but only to put my view point on how to place these appliances in your kitchen and how to maintain them for good feng shui. Kitchen is a very important place and is considered the most auspicious place for cooking food and serving food. With your dining table, dining chairs also comes the most important appliance , your gas stove or cooking appliance. The burners have to be kept clean and always have a healthy blue flame.
The ideal spot for gas stove burners would be south or south east as this is your wealth and prosperity place. The cooking person be it you or you cook must have a comfortable and lively environment for cooking food. If the cooking person is scared or in tension then this will affect adversely the quality of food cooked and this in turn will affect your health and of all those who consume the food.
Your gas stove must be in commanding position, that is you must be able to see the door and window while making food. Placing your fridge and wash basin along with your gas stove in a triangle is the best and proved for efficiency arrangement for kitchen appliances. It is considered bad for the cooking person to have their back towards the door in feng shui.
The cook must not have the view of bathroom, toilet or any unpleasant view while cooking. People also prefer that the cooking person not face the main door or the bedroom as this will affect the quality of cooking according to the environment. In small houses or studios try to avoid kitchen facing the bed.
Why does feng shui lay so much importance on gas burners and stove. It is understood that in feng shui we consider the food cooked as money or wealth. The stocked food is stored wealth , hence always keep your fridge stocked with fruits and vegetables. Clean burners will emit healthy flame which will help the cook to make food quickly and save on fuel, as well as the cook will also not be irritable due to disturbances from the main door or bed room.
A well lit kitchen with clean and efficiently working appliances creates good chi and positive energy which promotes a healthy and happy family. In case there are feng shui breaks or poison arrows in your situation there are always simple feng shui cures for this. You can hang a mirror in the front or side of the stove so that the cook can view who is entering or going out from the kitchen. This way they will not get scared or disturbed by anyone entering the kitchen , while they are cooking.
Being in a commanding position in kitchen will also affect your career and family wealth. The mirror will also double the amount of food stocked in the kitchen, cooked food and also the food served on your table, good feng shui luck for the whole family.
All the Best!  

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Feng Shui Tips for Buying Apartment or Villa Bungalows

Feng shui means 'wind' and 'water' and as the Chinese believed that these two elements are most important for vegetation and happiness leading to prosperity and good health it is important for us to keep these two elements in priority when selecting a villa or bungalow for staying. Why feng shui? this is a science that will help you to transform your house into a abode for welcoming peace, good health and prosperity.
Feng shui has helped to create an harmonious environment and not only this but also helps in relationships, career, romance and all other aspects of luck in your life. With simple feng shui tips you can attract positivity into your home and it has been proved that after using feng shui many happy and successful people swear by the feng shui simple cures. You will learn how to select a good feng shui bungalow or villa and make it into your home.
Few Tips according to feng shui rules for selecting villas and bungalows-
1) See the outside environment as you enter the locality. Does the road lead straight to the villa. This is bad feng shui as this create too much yang energy going directly towards your bungalow. This creates negative energy or 'shar' poison arrows which harm the energy of the inmates. Select a house that has a curved road leading to your property. Chi is very abundant in such curved spaces.
2) Have a water feature in your property is very auspicious according to feng shui. Having a pond or brook in front is very good, where as in your back may lead to financial losses. So select such a property which ahs a beautiful water fountain or natural water feature in front to welcome and increase positive energy. Flowing water is very auspicious as this creates positive chi which is essential to enliven and uplift the energy of your surroundings.
3) Select a land which has few ups and downs or landscaped garden as compared to very straight flat ground. Chi is abundant in such landscaped gardens and very flat long area create bad feng shui as chi will escape very easily soon from here and not nourish the area with positive energy. Land too hilly is yang and too flat is yin energy so we need a balance between yin and yang for harmony. Single Villa or bungalow on top of hill is not good as all the energy is drained and falls below away from the house.
4) Select south facing homes for getting sunlight and as vegetation grows well it will create abundance and prosperity. Avoid north winds. The back of your property will benefit if there are mountains at the back for support, where as having mountains in front of your property will create blocks in energy and affect your life and career and finances adversely.
5) Straight lines are not auspicious in feng shui as the Chinese believed that ghosts travelled in straight lines. hence in feng shui we prefer curved lines in all spaces and constructions. Bridges, driveways, entrance hall ways all need to have a smooth curved pattern to be more welcoming for the chi.
Will continue with more feng shui tips in later posts, as for now consider these few simple feng shui tips for selecting a villa or bungalow for purchase. Remember feng shui is all about balance and harmony and always go with your instinct for selecting a home. Follow certain simple feng shui tips but for the final decision do follow your gut feeling as this is never wrong!
All the Best!  

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