Monday, November 20, 2017

Vintage Homes Art and Luxury Vintage Decor Feng Shuii

Luxury Vintage homes overflow with opulence, beauty and richness. The decor not only has unique classic colours but also the art on the wall is chosen carefully to go along with the vintage these of vintage homes.
Luxury Vintage Homes Feng Shuii
It is not necessary that you choose old style impressionism or abstract paintings , you can also choose modern art , minimalist art, traditional symbols,  that will blend or pop out of the vintage classic home decor.
For the luxury opulent appeal choose gold frames for your wall art. You can also go in for distressed frames and old wood frames to bring in the old nostalgic charm in your vintage homes. 
Feng shuii energy of old art, old antiques is different and usually these pieces also have accumulated, carried over energy from the past user. From furniture to vintage artworks, you have to be careful with the feng shuii energy of your home.Sharing a practical example of an art buyer- they loved old pieces and this was an idol of Christ. Little did they know it was a smuggled piece. The sculpture no doubt is beautiful but the energy of fear and wrong doing is carried  over with this and it transfers to the person it stays with. 
It is why I advice to be careful with buying and adding vintage classic old art and antiques. purify them, find the correct source and never add them without putting clear intentions. It is most important that you take charge of the feng shuii energy of each object, each furniture, each wall, and each door knob in your home to bring in complete miraculous flow of chi.

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